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WiFi Hacking – The Anatomy I’m feeling officious today and hence today we are going to break down the incomprehensible WiFi password hacker application software. When complex applications, built on complex frameworks designed by engineers, who themselves couldn’t understand what’s going on, few people like me are going to get you out of the trap and feed you everything you need to know about Wifi Hacking on the silver plate.Understanding the psyche of the people who owns the network which is extremely high speed is the first step in cracking any high speed network we would want. One who owns a network of that kind isn’t dumb by any sense of the word. So here are few really intelligent ways to hack WiFi before the concept eventually epitomised into an application the WiFi password hacker.

Bruteforce Algorithm:  For those who don’t know what bruteforce is, software developers they retrieve the dump of password strings from hacker’s repository. All these strings are carried over to different servers of the application creators and each combination will be tried out manually, although in a very fast pace. You know what computers can do these days. Head over to Crackactivatorkeys.com and download your favorite bruteforce cracker and with luck, you might eventually crack it within an hour. The success rate of WiFi hacking with this method is close to 60% and that is pretty cool considering the amount of effort you need to put in and the amount of intelligence you require for using the application. On a last note, though, my favorite tool is Aircrack, the interface of which gives you the confidence that you might eventually hack the neighbour’s network for sure.

Free Hotspot over the globe:-  Remember the times when you hit starbucks and you don’t quite come out of it. Is starbucks too much fun? Yeah any place to hang on with free wifi would make anyone exuberant. We know very few hotspot places compared to a whole plethora of places you can get wifi for free in the entire world. You don’t have to perform a search on any set of data rather, you just need to download the app from the wifimap.io and the app will switch on the gps for you and find the nearest hotspot for you. Just take your ride use the free data available and get back home. But if at all free hotspots were available everywhere in the world and has high browsing speed, we wouldn’t require the wifi password hacker.

Breaking the probe request with node.JSIt’s funny what all things Javascript can do these days. Server side javascript frameworks are rare but extremely powerful that it can break the WiFi network it can get its hands on with the proper package installed with its servant ‘npm’ the node package manager. This method is pretty technical and can prove irascible at times but the wait is worth the gold. Before even beginning to explain what a probe request is, one should first know what an access point is. An access point is the place from which the WPA/WPA2/WEP signals originate such as a conventional modem or the contemporary router.

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One more term is required to understand WiFi hacking Software:SSID. The service set identifier ID is the password with a mask: a mask which is case sensitive and has a set of 32, no more no less, alphanumeric character unique identifier. With the list of functionalities that the nodeJS provides, we can use the code “ifconfig wlan0 down” onto the node terminal which will vary according to the operating system you are in. This piece of code will enable the monitor mode which is what we want to be doing: monitoring all the possible networks within the range of our router.

Ofcourse no hack is ever complete without physical intervention and in this method, it would require you connecting to that network manually from your phone or laptop or any other device. This process is more commonly known as starting up the network card.Now then, its time already to define what the probe request is: When you start up the network card i.e you connect to the invisible wifi network with your mobile, Guess What? It connects. If it can connect to our own network why can’t it break into any other network? The reason is your wifi router will send out periodical signals which would enable your device to connect to the wifi: a second or two is required for your mobile to read the probe request and connect it automatically.We will make the probe request oozed out by the network you are trying to hack to make it believe even our device is connected with few simple lines of code. For that to happen you should have the nodeJS installed on your machine and it would just take a few lines of code to connect then.We would then require the WiFi watcher package which we can get through a module called ‘npm’ aka node package manager.

This will install the wifi package onto the node terminal with just 3 words.npm install pcap. This piece of code will grab the latest corrected and minified version of the WiFi package watcher and install it in a second without your intervention.With the help of this package, we can listen to packets which will come out of the router and is a means of communicating with all the devices it would want to connect to.This package offers a “createSession” method which is basically opening a session to watch the surrounding areas for wifi. This method takes two parameters: first one is the name of the wifi network which we are trying to hack, the second one is the signals type. Now we have a session scope variable watching all the wifi networks nearby.sessionName.on(‘packet’,function(packet){wlan0 = “your-wifi-network-name”;});Save this file as wifihacker.js or any other name by your choice and execute the same in node terminal.node “file-name.js”This is the concept incorporated behind the wifi password hacker application. We don’t need to go through all these hardships while we have an open source hacker application doing all the magic for us.Hacking insecure routers through command promptJust about time you ask the question: What’s a wifi password hack without we having to do nothing with the black command prompt screen.Yes!! Command prompt is the place we can get to know the ins and outs of what it is to hack a wifi password.I believe guys wouldn’t struggle to open command prompt. After the black badass is right in front of our eyes, Now the black badass will list out all the networks that you can possibly hack into with just four words. netsh wlan show networks Now we have a set of networks with their SSIDs which we will we able to break into. This method is out-dated and will work only with poor routers with poor make. But it can break all the WEP configured routers without a sweat.

Wireshark Hands down the best packet analyzer tool ever to grace the internet. The WLAN architecture of the router has been tweaked in the software to sniff into the packets travelling across the network. The wireshark will capture all the packets and decode the packets data and unveil its true values and what’s the content behind it for an exorbitant price tag of 698$. Reality slaps on your face!! We can’t afford 700$ for an application whose features are featured in the wifi password hacker and that doesn’t cost you a dime. Of course, if one is owning an organization and need to analyze all the devices within the campus, you should go for wireshark. But if you are one of those guys who just want to hack wifi password of an innocent rich neighbour who isn’t quite as generous to give his wifi password hacker to us. WiFi password hacker is the way to go.

Physical intervention To Hack Wifi:-This is the funniest method to hack WiFi. I am not even sure if you can call it a wifi password hack as you are going to plug in to the ethernet port of the router. Then you will be able to access the router settings. Just type “” on the browser and you will have the router settings.MAC(Media access control) address is a unique primary key to each device and this address should be added to the MAC addresses list. Here on, the wifi router will think you are authorized to access the network and thereby you won’t have to struggle to get access. You just need to switch on WiFi with your device and boom!! you are connected.Let’s be realistic. The chances of this happening are lesser than the chances your grandma running a marathon. And when things run out of our hands, we have to fall on the feet of the legend WiFi password hacker.

The Sexiest password hacker alive most of the above mentioned 6 methods will end up futile and cumbersome if you don’t have any technical expertise in the same before. There always has been a high demand for an application which can hack wifi password but most of them are pure scams and will only inject malwares into your machine which they can later use to pull out the logs and sell them. Your privacy is sacrificed on the quest of hacking a wifi network. As a result, your entire system will be hacked. The irony!!VirusTotal certifies wifi password hacker application to be virus and malware free and testimonials from various users of the application proves its credibility. Assured that it works, you would want to know few exaggerated technical words in this application.The WiFi password hacker is user friendly and the API proves that but there are certain terms Encrypt my Connection:-

You should stay protected when you are trying to hack a network as you are making yourself vulnerable sniffing the packets ejected from the neighbor’s network. Think of the air space of the network as a space of mist particles and every mist particle is vulnerable to go into human’s nostrils. What if we can protect the mist particles by surrounding it with a coating which can’t be inhaled by the nostrils. Alright that was a bad analogy but the concept is just about it.Inject with fr0zr mode: This is an interesting plugin to the application. This injection is similar to the one of the methods we listed above. Once the injection is frozen you can access the network anytime in the future. And the injection will be so subtle that the owner won’t be able to detect that you are into his network. fr0zr mode changes the router settings itself and will make the router available for us to connect without a problem.Mask my IP address: This is a added protection for you not to be caught during the hack. Your IP should never be available for anyone to see for you will suffer really intolerable consequences. This is by default, checked, but if you really like some thrill in your life, you can choose to uncheck this and make yourself vulnerable. It will warn you when you will uncheck. I suspect you are scared of unchecking it. Good!!Man in the middle attack: Funny name again!! This checkbox should be selected to let your WPA2 signals coming out from your device be invisible to any other third party trying to hack into yours. As your packets will be invisible and even if it is detected, it will be re routed to the other wifi networks thereby making your wifi connection completely secure.It is advisable to check everything in the Download wifi password hacker application as it would ensure a clean and complete wifi hack. Of all the open source hacker applications I have tried and tested in the recent years, this application beats even the best and revolutionizes the modern world mission to have free internet access all over the world. WiFi password hacker unveils the anatomy of wifi hacking Software.